Editing how we do education, one document at a time.

Edoc-editor offers instructors and students AI-powered learning solutions to best improve their education. Our software is truly remarkable— a world class editing system with functionality that is innovative and collaborative.

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We believe in transformational experiences. Our proprietary AI software enables a user to get the most out of a document whether it be for studying, participating in a book club, researching, or making notes on your grandmother’s secret recipe.

We have blended together capabilities from all of your favorite platforms and leveraged them to work together in order to give you an immersive editing experience with no boundaries or limitations. Don’t believe us? Check out some of eDoc-Editor’s capabilities.


Powerful Learning


Sophisticated Usability

Create Vocabulary Cards

Chat with Groups

Attach Other Files


Tag instructors and Classmates

Rearrange Pages

Add Post-it Notes and Page Flags

Add Emojis

Add Picture

Annotate, Highlight and Draw

Share Your Comments

Insert Data

Add Hyperlinks

Agree or Disagree

Change Font Type, Size, Style and Color

Record Voice Notes

Upvote / Downvote

Schedule meeting and set reminders

Seamless Integration